Monday 13 April 2015

Hello to Home & Highways

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Photos: Emma Case

This is us. In 21 days we leave the UK for 80 days in America. I'm terrified and excited. We both are.

Almost three months of unpaid leave in a country we think we know, that everybody thinks they know, is probably the biggest, craziest thing either of us has ever done. It's taken nearly two years of saving every bit of spare money and even now we aren't fully certain that we won't run out of money somewhere near San Diego.

We've just made the first mortgage payment on the home mentioned in our blog name. It's a home we don't currently live in, one that has no white goods, needs decorating and is, at the moment, full of boxes of our non-essential items. We don't officially move out of London until May 1st so the three days between us closing one door, opening another 30 miles away and then jumping on a plane and flying 5,000 miles west will probably be a bit stressful but we're trying to stay focused, plan as much as we can and technically speaking, not lose our shit.

We wanted to blog along the way because we didn't want the trip to happen and for us not to have absorbed any of it. Last time we did something similar, I promised myself I'd keep a travel journal and it just didn't happen. That was a three week trip and I still have to be reminded about certain parts of it- I don't want to forget anything this time and sitting down to write up our experiences every few days will help us to reflect on it all.

Just as a side note, we aren't travellers in the usual sense. We like home comforts and our own bed. We don't know anything about gap years and we're both pushing 30. We just want to do something to remember for the rest of our lives, something to force us outside of our comfort zone and scare us. Bring it on!



  1. Really excited for this, guys. Hope to see you once more before you leave!

  2. Really excited for this, guys. Hope to see you once more before you leave!


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